Case studies

Independent news providers are producing unique COVID-19 coverage. More than 60% of them are going beyond traditional journalism in their response to the crisis.

CASE STUDY #5: The Ambler

Area of influence: Amble, Northumberland Visit: Follow: @TheAmbler During the Covid-19 crisis, The Ambler...

CASE STUDY #4: My Turriff

Area of Influence: Turriff, Aberdeenshire Editor: Mike Rawlins Visit: Follow: @MyTurriff Turriff is a small town roughly...

CASE STUDY #3: Nantwich News

Area of Influence: Nantwich, Cheshire Editor: Pete Leydon Visit: Follow: @nantwichnews Nantwich news is an...

CASE STUDY #2: The Week In

The Week In is a free weekly newspaper in a magazine format that focuses on local issues in Bristol and NE Somerset.

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