The COVID-19 crisis has created a perfect storm for independent news providers in the UK. Already vulnerable, these small organisations are struggling to stay afloat whilst continuing to  publish public interest journalism surrounding the pandemic. Publishers, editors and journalists are balancing their own safety against the need to report on the situation.

More than 60%* are going beyond traditional journalism in their response to the crisis - not only publishing news and information, but also providing direct support to vulnerable citizens; organising online events; coordinating volunteers; and working with local businesses to provide information about home deliveries.

Despite their vital role, most independent news providers are facing the risk of collapse.

PINF and ICNN have come together to launch the Save Independent News campaign.

Our goal is to ensure that independent news providers are able to continue serving the public - throughout the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

*Survey, March 2020 (PINF/ICNN/IMPRESS/Bureau Local).